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Skye approached Haddock and they begin talking of plans. Well, mostly Skye began to talk about the plans he's come up with to help anyone and everyone who could ever have a problem. That's just how he works. And he grew more and more flustered as he moved to the subject of helping Haddock move past his depression spikes. Skye's noticed something about Haddock. And the more he looked at his king the more flustered he became. By this point his face was redder than red can be; Haddock, taking notice, approached Skye and backed him against the wall. Skye looked up at his king, confused, and wondered what could possibly happen. And before Skye could even find the words to speak up and object: Haddock leaned forward and pressed their lips together. Skye didn't know what the Hel to even do as he tried to draw back, but finding himself unable to, mostly due to the wall, and partially because he didn't want to.  He leaned into Haddocks lips a little tentatively. But he quickly found his confidence and tried to take control of the situation by pushing Haddock back a little
Haddock allowed it. For a couple inches; not enough for Skye to make a move and escape though. He's not stupid after all. But Skye's yearnings became mixed. He wanted to escape, but he also wanted to see what Haddock has to offer. So he continued to kiss Haddock; slowly the pair began to move out of the throne room and to a much more secluded location. Not forgetting where they left off: Haddock went right to work and gingerly removed Skye's shirt. Skye, feeling exposed begged to have it back. Haddock, of course, refused Skye's request. Haddock wanted Skye to feel comfortable, so he started slowly, taking one of his nipples between his index finger and middle finger; gently pinching it and looking at Skye's face to see his reactions. Skye's enjoying every moment of it; his slight moans, groans and panting. Haddock loved every sound and it drove him to remove his pants, revealing a rather... Large  bulge. Skye's eyes widen, and he slowly backed away from Haddock panting heavily. He wanted to repay Haddock for the sensation of arousal. So he automatically went to his knees and began to lick at Haddock's endowed area slowly. Swirling his tongue around the tip and then licking the shaft teasingly. But Skye wasn't happy at just licking at it through cloth. He wanted to feel it in his mouth. Skye ripped them off and exposes Haddock's dick. It's erect and seemingly pulsing. Skye enjoys the sight and he doesn't want to waste any more time than he already has and sets right to work on sucking Haddock. It's not even slow and tentative. Right off the bat he is using all of his tricks. Taking the entire length of it to the back of his throat and making enough vibrations so Haddock could feel it, and Skye even took the liberty of pulling back a little and licking the tip a little more. So then Haddock smirked at Skye and his eyes lower; Skye himself looked wet from the pleasure. He said nothing as he deftly moved and pinned Skye to the nearest wall. Snaking his hand down Skye's body starting at his chest; moving lower, lower, lower, until finally he reached the hem of his pants. Skye could feel a small tug and then in the next moment they've flown off. Skye looks up at Haddock utterly shocked. "K-king H--" Skye could feel the words spilling out, but not hear them as effectively. Haddock had reached for Skye's shirt and gagged him. "Oh for Thor's sake. Just shut up." The first words Haddock has said since it began; Skye twitched and nodded his head complaisantly. But Haddock did not remove the makeshift gag. And instead set to stroking Skye's own throbbing dick. Skye yelped and moaned with each new stroke. It seemed to bring new sensations to him. And he could feel it deep from the pit of his stomach; he was going to burst all over himself and Haddock's hand. He felt it and started to try and move away. "Mmph! N-nggh! N-nnn!!" Skye's shaking his head and Haddock stopped for a moment and removed the gag. "What's wrong?"

"I-I was about to... Ahh...! H-Haddock..." Skye's panting heavily and trying to keep himself from shooting in his underwear. So instead Skye pulled them down, turned around and bent over. "Now, please Haddock... I need it."
Haddock didn't want to be rude to Skye, so he spit in his hand and started to apply it to his own erection. Once he deems it lubed enough he puts the tip to Skye's seemingly virgin entrance. Skye nodded in agreement to what they're about to do. Haddock started to put himself in and Skye yelped out in both pain and pleasure. Knowing how it works, he set to biting down on his arm right away. But it didn't last long in the slightest because Haddock removed his own shirt and handed it to Skye. "Bite down on this instead of your arm." Skye obeyed without a single question and Haddock made his way to the base and allowed it to rest for a moment while Skye's hole adjusts to it. Once adjusted Skye began to let out moans of pleasure as he moved his own ass up and down Haddock's shaft; indicating that he only wanted more. Skye's reached the point of no return as he began to ride Haddock harder and more aggressively. Haddock grabbed Skye's hips right away and slammed him all the way back down to the base of his cock. Skye moaned out again and braced himself against the wall. Skye continued to moan out with each thrust and teasing pull-out from Haddock. He loved it, reveled in it. And he wanted more. So he set to putting his entire body on the wall and turning around. "It's my turn now." He smirked and tackled Haddock to the floor. Pure lust in his eyes as he set to riding Haddock to death. "My turn makes things fun for sure. Don't you think? A-ah...! King?" His smirk held as he tried to keep in every single moan and yelp. Yielding no results Skye just let the noises flow forth from his mouth as he rode Haddock. And before Skye could say anything he began to leak and squirt his load all over Haddock's body. "Ah! I-I'm so sorry!" And then not too long after Skye could feel something warm filling him up. Haddock smirked and looked at Skye. "You'll just have to clean this up then." And without further saying shoved Skye's head down to his body where Skye began to lick up his own load.
Dear Odin have mercy on my soul...
What is even happening here? by Imabeanerd
What is even happening here?
What even is going on in this WIP? You know it's bad when the OF artist has no idea.


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United States
Come for the stories stay for... Um... Well just stay. Yep. I'm not an artist but I can draw if you want me too... But if you don't that's just fine because I kinda suck at it anyway... I'm... Well I'm a nerd. That's all the more I'm saying. I CAN draw but I choose to write instead. If you don't like that then don't follow me because most of what I upload will be stories and most will be Yaoi. I'm sorry to say it folks. But seriously don't follow me if you can't handle what I do. Please do NOT hesitate to say if I can improve on anything in my writings.

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